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Whether you require a root canal or endodontic retreatment, we'll treat you with care so that you and your teeth can be as healthy as possible.

Root canal

Getting a root canal is a daunting prospect, but if the roots of one of your teeth are inflamed or infected it may be the best possible treatment. During the procedure our endodontist will remove the infected or inflamed pulp inside your tooth, which can both alleviate any dental pain and allow you to keep the tooth.

Abscess drainage 

If a root canal is not the right choice for you for any reason, endodontics can still address an abscessed tooth by making an incision in order to drain the abscess. This should make you feel better by getting rid of dental pain; it's also better for your health as we'll be able to treat any underlying infection.

Endodontic surgery

Your endodontic surgery will proceed smoothly with us. Our team will answer any questions you have before surgery, and during surgery we'll carefully monitor you. Once it's over, we'll prescribe any required medication, such as painkillers and antibiotics, and offer guidance on how to make a successful recovery.

Endodontic retreatment

In some cases, an initial endodontic procedure is not successful or a problem may arise after surgery. This can make endodontic retreatment a necessity. And while you likely are hesitant about undergoing retreatment, we'll do all we can to make the entire process as simple as we can for you. 

Conditions treated

Endodontic treatment is able to assist patients who are experiencing a range of dental issues. These may include:
- Dental disorders
- Infectious diseases
- Tooth abscess
- Toothache
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